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Christian college students and seminarians are coming of age in a time when gun violence permeates all corners of society, and as a result, they and are faced with questions about how God calls them to respond. In addition, there are a full range of opinions and practices regarding firearms on campuses, and college professors and administrators are now on the front lines of this issue, confronted with school shootings and the debate around campus carry laws. Sword of the Spirit has compiled a wealth of resources to help Christian students, faculty, and administrators take a biblical, prayerful approach to this answering these challenging and often controversial questions.

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One of the best ways to share your thoughts about gun violence is to write an op-ed for your school newspaper. Click below to read the guide.

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Click the button below to download guides to prevent gun violence on your college campus. This includes:  The Armor of Light documentary screening kit, how to write an op-ed, and ways to create a biblical conversation about preventing gun violence. In the coming months, there will be a six-week small group study.


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We welcome your ideas for psalms, Bible verses, or topics for Christian college and seminary students to address this difficult topic facing young adults today. Please fill in the comment form below. We value your input as we prayerfully deliberate these difficult questions of faith.


A growing number of Christian colleges, seminaries, and ministries at secular schools have hosted screenings of The Armor of Light, a documentary film that follows Rev. Rob Schenck’s theological journey on gun violence. Students and professors have used the film both to spark Biblical conversations about gun violence and to help seek God’s will on this challenging topic.

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5 Ways to Continue the Conversation

Screenings Partners

A sample of university screening partners include the following.

  • Harvard University
  • Yale University
  • Baylor University
  • Biola University
  • Carson-Newman University
  • Gordon College
  • Northern Seminary
  • Trinity Bible College
  • Vanguard University

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Watch the Film

The film is available to watch online on these platforms. If you want to organize a screening for a group of people, please fill out the screening host form.



Let's Stop Using the Old Testament to Justify Our Violence

Kaitlyn Hamby
Kaitlyn Hamby discusses the age-old debate of whether Christians can justify using violence for self-protection. "Why are we so eager to justify protecting ourselves with violent means? Why do we use the Old Testament to do so? The violence in the Old Testament appears to be sanctioned by God because the Jews benefit from it. No such violence occurs in the New Testament—the New covenant does not permit it."

A Conservative Gun Owner on the Christian Response to the Orlando Mass Shooting

Devon Bailey
"The violent world that Jesus was up against is not so different from our own. It should therefore be easy for Christians to observe how they are called to exist under such conditions. We can simply place ourselves in these narratives and learn how God desires us to handle these conflicts." Read more from Devon Bailey.

Gun Violence Isn’t Just a Sin Problem

Kaitlyn Hamby
Having experienced gun violence in both high school and college, Kaitlyn Hamby discusses the Christian role in addressing the sin that precedes the violence. "While sin may be the source of the gun violence problem, we as Christians should talk about the manifestation of this sin. Not making an effort to discuss the sin of gun violence is a moral failure on our part."

Lynne Hybels: A Few Thoughts on Guns & The Armor of Light

Lynne Hybels
Lynne Hybels shares her thoughts on gun violence: "I think that we who claim to be Christians need to look at this issue from a uniquely Christian perspective, one of scriptural integrity and ethical reflection."

Ten Things I Believe About Christians and Guns

Rev. Rob Schenck
Death and killing have their origin in evil, but the gospel of Christ is about God’s gift of life: “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly” (Jo...

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Downward Glory

Preston Sprinkle
"Christians who wish to imitate their Lord and Savior must follow the downward trajectory of humility." Read more from Preston Sprinkle.

What Is the Correct Response to Violence?

Garland Hunt
"Everyone is looking to blame someone or something for the violence. Who do we blame?" Read more from Bishop Garland Hunt.

Suffering: The Ultimate Power over Evil

Preston Sprinkle
"In God’s kingdom, suffering contains unforeseen power to defeat evil, even if it looks like evil is defeating you." Read more from Preston Sprinkle.

Good Enough

Dr. Joel Hunter
"Highlighting the improvements that being made is a often the most effective response to questions, no matter who is asking." Read more from Dr. Joel Hunter on accepting limitations.

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The world offers a range of opinions on how best to address the problem of gun violence, but as Christians, we rely on God’s Word for guidance. Here you’ll find selected Scripture on topics like overcoming fear, violence, and loving your neighbor.

In the coming months, will be a six-week small group study that explores these Biblical themes in greater depth. These resources will help strengthen your faith in a way that will prosper you and those around you.

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