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Christian Pastors & Thinkers on
Prayerful Solutions to Gun Violence

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Rev. Rob Schenck, Sword of the Spirit, discusses a Christian response to the largest mass shooting in U.S. history, with 50 people killed and 53 injured in Orlando, FL.

Rev. Rob Schenck explains how The Sword of the Spirit: A Christian Conversation on Gun Violence provides Evangelical pastors, lay leaders, and educators a place to discuss the issue of gun violence from a Biblical perspective.

Pastors have very few resources on how to prevent and respond to gun violence. This video introduction by Rev. Rob Schenck provides an overview of the Pastor’s Toolkit for ministers to address this difficult issue.

Airing on PBS on May 10, 2016, followed by a special town hall with Christian leaders, THE ARMOR OF LIGHT follows Rev. Schenck as he reevaluates his own perspective on guns and how he should best guide the evangelical community to respond to the issue. Watch the trailer.

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